Association for malignant breast disease and other malignant diseases with women

Trying to decrease suffer od the pacients


Our experience is telling that each woman will receive the needed quality of medical treatment in a frame of health system, while psychological support, assessed by women as equally needed and important, is not offered at all. Breast cancer is not a treat just for a woman but for the whole family as well. Thus – while waiting the health institutions to recognise this problem, our Association is trying to get professionals who will alleviate the fight with the illness of our members and their families.

Those who are healthy perceive that being with those with cancer could only bring worries, sadness, fear or other unpleasant emotion, our support groups are often a place for laugh till tears come, place where often the tears are stopped by laughing… we accept the differences in our expectations from our selves, from illness, from our dears, but also the connectedness in one wish - to come to the health together with all those who are respecting our wishes and who are ready to help our wishes come true.